Are you wanting to move forward in your life but find you have no time to even think about what comes next?

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Change Is Possible.

In back of your mind, do you feel you’d like to make a few changes so that you are on a path of your own choosing?

I get that completely.  Because I have been there.  And yes, I am here to tell you change is possible so you are more in control of your life.

I won’t tell you working with a coach changes your life over night.  But with a coach, you can find a path forward.

The people I work with walk away with a tangible path forward — one they feel good about.

I help you develop a realistic plan for change that excites you but also doesn’t compromise away some of your basic goals.

My clients feel a stronger sense of control over their lives.  They become their own best problem-solvers.

Career Professionals

I help busy professionals take bold steps forward for life or work success while preserving life balance.

Reclaim Your Time

I help people manage and reclaim their time and work with them to stop feeling overwhelmed.

Working Women

I help working women pursue personal or career goals while maintaining or even improving life balance.

Why am I different?

My approach is to understand how your life can accommodate change.  Starting with theoretical ideas makes no sense.  Your life is likely busy and you have only so much time to put good ideas into practice.  The work you and I do together is designed and custom-fit just for you.  The plans fit your life, your way of doing things, and how you are inspired.

How does the coaching work?

My coaching framework helps my clients build a realistic and achievable road-map for clear next steps.


We look at where you want to go and take into account where you are now.  We do a little dreaming together and wave a magic wand to see where your heart takes you.  Sometimes I may need to nudge you to allow yourself to truly open your mind to possibilities.


We take a hard look at what is getting in the way.  We look at roadblocks and obstacles and talk through what can be done.


We start to build a pathway that considers your life situation, how you take action, and chart a course forward.

Over what time do we do the work?

We work together over the course of a few months, talking for an hour on the phone or Skype every few weeks.  The time between our conversations allows you to test and apply some of the strategies and practices we discuss.  Coaching is very much a back-and-forth process where you begin a transformation process and together we bend your life curve in a new and better direction.

What you get when you coach with me.

After our introductory coaching session where we talk about your goals and challenges, I provide an outline of how you and I can work together and propose our next steps.

Often, I will send a follow-up email after coaching sessions to recap on learnings and next steps.

Between sessions, you are welcome to email me with questions and updates. I may send additional materials to help you pursue your next steps.

At the end of your coaching journey, you will have specific strategies and tools at your disposal to pursue your ideal life. You may find a paradigm shift in your thinking about what you can achieve and increased confidence that you have the ability to achieve most anything.

Should you invest in coaching?

People hire coaches to help them make a change in their lives that they are having trouble making on their own.  If you felt stuck, or if your ideal goals feel out of reach, a coach might help you get unstuck.  In the end, hiring a coach is a personal decision.  That is why I provide a free 30-minute introductory session so you get to know me and I can get to know you.  After that session, both of us together can decide whether a coaching relationship makes sense.


Please look at my three packages to see if either of these interest you.  Otherwise, offer coaching sessions starting at $255 for a package of three sessions (following a free introductory session).  Contact me to see what approach is best for you.

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