I learned to listen to my own intuition
Danielle has helped me to learn how to listen to my own intuition. She has encouraged me to appreciate that my dreams and aspirations aren’t frivolous or indulgent. They are my authentic self asking to be heard. Danielle has provided me with important tools that have given me deeper knowledge of myself, and she has helped give me the confidence to embrace new paths that have already brought me immense joy and satisfaction.
Vicki Price
A unique blend of insight & playfulness
What I love most about working with Danielle is her enthusiasm. With Danielle, it’s so sincere. I felt her delight as together we made discoveries. She brings a unique blend of insight and playfulness. Her approach is gentle and fun.”
New confidence
I was searching for a new and more satisfying career and life direction. That is when Danielle stepped in and began coaching me. She provided clarity where there had only been confusion and doubt regarding my life and career choices. She helped me identify and evaluate alternatives so I could find a path forward and gave me the confidence to embrace it. Danielle is so smart and thoughtful. She listens carefully and her assessments were always eye-opening and insightful. Through Danielle’s advice and guidance I was able to put aside my fears and begin the process of reinventing myself and seeking out new opportunities where I had initially seen none.”
Carrie Patterson, Owner, Yellow Door Art Studios
I took my small business to the next level
I had the pleasure of working with Danielle to take my small business to the next level. When we started I was overwhelmed with small day-to-day tasks and couldn’t see the big picture for my company or my life! Each coaching session with Danielle was a positive light in my day. Talking through ideas with her was calming and productive. In a brief time, I was able to change course by prioritizing my long term goals, carving out time in my busy schedule to think, and taking time to remember why I started it all in the first place. I am already ready to sign up for more amazing coaching with Danielle.” — Carrie Patterson Owner, Yellow Door Art Studios Professor of Art, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
I focused on things that mattered most in my life
If you are interested in changing your life for the better, I encourage you to work with Danielle Droitsch. Insightful, professional, motivational while also results-oriented would be a few of my descriptors. Danielle has helped me focus on the things that matter most in my life, work through deterrents, and place me on a path to fulfilling dreams and goals that have been buried under the daily chaos of life. Thank you Danielle!”

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