Life Design

Life Design: 

I help people find what’s missing so they can design and pursue a more ideal life.

Whoooosh!  That is the sound of a year passing you by.  As you get older, time seems to have sped up.  What used to feel like a year now feels like a few months.  


You worry the next five years will fly by and without you having much influence on what happens.


Will life will be much the same or different in five years? Maybe your kids will have grown older, but will you have grown in any way? Maybe you’ll accomplish a bunch of things at work, but will you finally tackle that exercise plan? Will you finally take that trip you’ve always wanted to take? Or make time for the volunteering you said you would always do?  


Fundamentally, you wonder if you will fill what’s missing in your life.  


You are at a crossroads.  You can let life happen to you. Or you can happen to life.

Imagine having clarity of direction


Imagine taking the time to reflect and set a direction for where you want to take your life 5, 10, or even 15 years from now.


There is comfort that you have taken the time to plan what really matters to you.  


You have a roadmap to help you finally make progress on that plan to create a more flexible life where you travel more, work less, and feel more enriched by all the world has to offer.


You have taken the time to make space for what really matters to you. And your day to day activities are organized more around investing in a life that is designed by you.

Create space to make this plan


There is something inside of you saying it’s time to get intentional and plan your next steps.  There is no better time to look at what really matters to you and to set a direction.


Time for You coaching is available to help you think about this next chapter.  Following a free consultation, we discuss a coaching package that we’ll unfold over the course of several months, to help you find what’s missing, set this direction, and take steps to unfold this next chapter.


The duration of our coaching lasts at least three months.  Packages start at $360 for two months of coaching.

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