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Life Design: 

I help people discover and create their next life chapter to feel more fulfilled, inspired, and motivated.

Whoooosh!  That is the sound of a year passing you by.  As you get older, time seems to have sped up.  How did that happen? What used to feel like a year now feels like a few months.    


With life passing by so quickly, you wonder whether you’ll ever make the time to pursue those dreams you’ve been thinking about.  Are you wanting to make more time for travel?  To pursue a hobby that will get your creative juices flowing?  Or perhaps you just want to slow down and just enjoy the fruits of your labor?


Maybe you are looking toward retirement and want to feel excited about your next chapter?

Or maybe you are secure in your job but feel like something is missing – there is something you need to pursue to meet your life’s purpose.


Whatever your situation, a part of you worries that the next five years will look a lot like the last five years.  You will have worked a lot and made some money but won’t have a lot to show for your own personal growth.  


Will you feel regret you didn’t take control and do something about it?  


You are ready to take control of your life.  


Except you aren’t completely sure how to go about planning this next life chapter.  You know how to work hard.  You know the schedule you’ve been tracking for years.  What would you even do if you were to make a shift?


And at the moment, you don’t have a lot of time (at least not at the moment) to create this new chapter.  You feel you have a chicken and egg problem.  How can you design, create, and pursue a new life chapter if you are on the treadmill?


You are at a crossroads.  You can let life happen to you. Or you can happen to life.

Imagine having clarity of direction


Imagine taking the time to reflect and set a direction for where you want to take your life 5, 10, or even 15 years from now.


There is comfort that you have taken the time to plan what really matters to you.  


You have a roadmap to help you finally make progress on that plan to create a more flexible life where you travel more, work less, and feel more enriched by all the world has to offer.


You are more clear on what brings you energy and what fulfills you.  You even have a good idea about your life’s purpose.  It feels good to have this clarity.


You have taken the time to make space for what really matters to you. And your day to day activities are organized more around investing in a life that is designed by you.

Create space to make this plan


There is something inside of you saying it’s time to get intentional and plan your next steps.  There is no better time to look at what really matters to you and to set a direction.


Time for You coaching is available to help you think about this next chapter.  Following a free consultation, we discuss a coaching package that we’ll unfold over the course of 3-6 months, to help you find what’s missing, set this direction, and take steps to unfold this next chapter.


Through coaching and deliberative inquiry, you will go on a path to better understand what life design approach will work for you.   By the end of our coaching package together, you will have a clear path, a designed life chapter, and you will be taking steps forward to make it all happen.


Wouldn’t that feel good?


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“What I liked best about working with Danielle is having her help me focus on my personal goals and providing objective critical thinking.   Before I signed up, I wondered what value I’d get from coaching and whether she and I would have a personal connection.  I am happy to report I was able to get outside my head for some grounding and centering advice.  I would recommend Danielle’s services for someone who is making a career transition, taking on a new project, or a life challenge.”


George Lima, Real Estate Agent

“Danielle is one of the most amazing listeners I have talked to. She has a gift and in this city that is rare. People ‘listen’ but do not ‘hear’ – she does both. I enjoyed my connection with her and felt like she listened, heard and responded with careful and thoughtful insight. I didn’t feel like our sessions were cookie cutter at all – it was individual attention and that was very helpful in trusting her and the process.  As a result of working with Danielle, I trust myself a bit more to follow through with things, have renewed energy and faith that I can do what I set my mind to.”


Jenifer Gausman

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