Jumping off the hamster wheel:

Your personal action plan to stop overwhelm, feel peace, and reclaim your time

Are you swamped by the demands of work and life?  You run from appointment to appointment constantly behind on your to do list.   You hold your breath as you open your email knowing it will be another avalanche of requests for your time.


Everyone around you – your clients and colleagues – command slices of your day which all add up to more like 120 percent of your available time.  While you face unrelenting demands at work, household chores are mounting and while you are at home you feel the  proverbial black cloud hanging over you.  


You aren’t connecting or having a truly meaningful interaction with the people you love.  Being “together” means being in the same room while you canvass your smart phone.  

“Family time” has been reduced to hauling everyone around to school, soccer games, and dentist appointments. A date night (if that even happens!) means falling asleep in front of the TV with your partner instead of going out for dinner or, better yet, taking a weekend away.  


You’re not really living life while others around you seem to have it all together.  You look at your friends and wonder “how do they do it all?”   


Does this frenzied life leave you feeling stressed or anxious?   


Are you on the proverbial hamster wheel and don’t know how to get off?

Life does not have to be this way.

Imagine waking up and looking forward to your work day. You work hard but at the end of that day, you walk away from your desk feeling you made good progress and can go home and enjoy your evening.


You have a reliable and efficient way to manage and contain all of those urgent demands on your to-do list.


You have actual space on your calendar to spend more time doing what you love.


There is time to enjoy a meaningful evening – or even a weekend – so you can take time away from hard work.


Work fits more neatly into a box so you can actually achieve work-life balance.


You embrace a life that is less full of work and more full of life. This means a bigger and better focus on friends, family and (the most important!) yourself.


You are ready for a change.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve already tried different work-life balance and time-management strategies, and they just didn’t stick.


  • You wonder if it’s even possible to have a life that is “balanced” and can be more directed for your needs.


  • You feel stuck because the demands of your job are endless but you aren’t looking to quit or switch jobs.


  • Whenever you think about tackling work-life balance, your mind starts spinning.  You think of one potential solution after another, but none of them seem possible.  You feel utterly trapped in a box of overwhelm.

If you’re nodding yes, then you are not alone.  

I am a certified life coach who works with busy high achievers who feel bored or uninspired by their career or business.  They want to feel motivated by work again and get the confidence they need for success but uncertain what to do next. I help my clients develop a plan to reinvest in their career or business by identifying action steps and a realistic plan so they can feel inspired, clear, and confident.

It’s possible to feel relief.

The Jumping Off the Hamster Wheel coaching program gives you a concrete and personal plan to finally take your first steps to tackle overwhelm and begin to reclaim your life starting right now.


As a result of this program, you’ll:


  • Take your first steps off the hamster wheel so you feel less swamped by the demands of life and work and more control over your schedule.


  • Receive a personalized plan designed around your life for how you can take simple steps forward that don’t require you to make radical changes.


  • Make time for your priorities so you can have more time for you and the people you love.  


  • Start tackling overwhelm and feel relief in your life immediately.  

The Get off the Hamster Wheel package includes:


Discover and Uncover Assessment:

To start the process, you will complete a lay-of-the-land questionnaire. You will dig into your personal challenges around work-life balance, hurdles that have stopped you from addressing this problem before, and take time to reflect where you really want to spend more of your time. This step of the process will help you gain some clarity about what’s really important to you and why previous efforts to fix the problem didn’t work before.


Peeling Away the Layers:

We’ll meet for a private 60-minute coaching session where we will look at what keeps you from tackling overwhelm. We will probe into the unique circumstances of your situation, sort through what has and has not worked for you so far, and pinpoint the crux of what is really contributing to your overwhelm problem. Then, we create made-for-you simple solutions so you can take realistic next steps that fit you and your life.


Your Action Plan to Confront Overwhelm:

After the coaching session, you will receive an easy-to-follow Get Off the Hamster Wheel guide outlining your personal action plan to help you take those first steps and feel immediate relief from overwhelm. This action plan will be designed just for you and your life and can be implemented right away so you can finally get off the hamster wheel and start doing things in your life that you love.


Making It Stick Session:

After you have had a few weeks to apply your action plan, we’ll check in for 30 minutes to see how things are going for you. We will talk about what happened when you took those first steps, how they worked, and what adjustments might be needed. You will receive valuable advice for how to build momentum to maintain your action plan and then build on it.


Legacy Tips for Success:

With this package, you will also receive a guide outlining 20 of the best strategies to tackle overwhelm. This guide will help you identify the best strategies for you and your life so you can build on our work together. From there you can define your long-term action plan so you tackle overwhelm in all aspects of your life.

Let’s get started.

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Cost Of Package: $150

Maybe you think that overwhelm is just part of your life and there isn’t another way. But deep down you know there is a way out of the chaos of overwhelm and you can be one of the many who have tackled it successfully.  

What will make this coaching session different is that YOU work in partnership with me to identify what works best for you.  Why?  By co-creating, you can invest in your own success.

Make a commitment today to get help from this program. It works!

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