I help small business owners re-energize and propel their business forward by leaning into their superpowers.

As a business owner, you are the secret sauce that propels your business forward. Without your talent, know-how, and drive to meet customer needs, the business won’t succeed.


So day after day you need to bring your A-game to meet your quarterly goals, keep clients coming in the door, and ensure everything moves smoothly. 


But lately, it seems your energy and motivation are drained. Increasingly, you find that you are less excited about your business.   You aren’t as motivated when you look at the future.


The administrative tasks drag you down. You deal more and more with those aspects of the business that drain you.  You aren’t excited about what is yet to come.


And that is a problem. Because you are the key source of energy and drive to propel your business forward.

Reboot your motivation


What would it feel like to wake up in the morning feeling excited about your work day again?  Your to-do list excites you. You look forward with anticipation about the possibility of building your business.


And what’s more, you’ve tapped back into the key source of energy for your business: YOU.  You are the secret sauce for your business and how you can tap your talents to propel your business forward.


You have reconnected with why you love doing what you do.


What’s more, you have found your motivation again.  

Re-invest in you-the secret sauce of your business: YOU


I am a strength coach who offers 1:1 coaching for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to reinvest in their business.  I help people discover and lean their true talents to feel more fulfilled and successful.


You understand that you are the core of your business.  You are the secret sauce that keeps everything moving forward and creating happy clients.


I help entrepreneurs like you reconnect with that energy you had when you first started your business – the same energy that will help propel yourself forward:  your talents.

“I was able to work with Danielle to tackle my ‘overwhelm’ but all while I was focused on building my business.  Danielle helped me think through decisions, tackle big projects, and get my mindset working for me. I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to do everything so quickly without Danielle’s guidance and confidence in me.”


Lindsay G., Small Business Owner

“Before working with Danielle, I did not know fully what to expect because I had never worked with a coach before.  Danielle is easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, non-biased, and caring. I love how she and I are able to cover every topic on my mind, and switch between them seamlessly. She has helped me with my business and specifically creating a mission, vision, and values for my business.  She has helped me navigate hiring and managing staff. She also helped me work through and grow a LOT in how I’ve handled my relationships over the past 1.5 years and now I feel more balanced.  I would absolutely recommend her services to both fellow entrepreneurs who need help moving their business forward from the back-end (mission, vision, hiring, etc.) or someone who needs to work through personal growth.”


Lauren Donnelly, small business owner

Entrepreneur Coaching Packages


PACKAGE #1:  Discover Your Strengths  


Discover your strengths: Work Smarter Not Harder (for entrepreneurs)



About this package:  This is a bite-sized package including 1 75-minute coaching session, the Gallup Strengthfinder assessment, a custom-made strengths sketch to hang at work, a personalized video, Next Steps plan, and much more.


As a result of the Discover Your Strengths: Work Smarter – Not Harder program you will:

  • Gain far more confidence than you’ve ever had before by truly understanding your core talents.
  • Understand how activating your strengths can help you work smarter – not harder – creating more energy and saving you time.
  • Learn how to profile your strengths to your clients and customers without feeling unauthentic or slimy.
  • Get more clear about how your talents can be activated and strategically deployed to advance your business.
  • Gain confidence in yourself so you know the extraordinary value you offer in your business.

PACKAGE #2:  Discover, Activate, and PROFILE Your Superpowers 


Entrepreneurs: Your Complete LinkedIn Makeover & Taking your Business to the Next Level


About this package:  You will receive a complete Gallup Clifton Strengthfinder assessment, two deep dive coaching sessions to understand & activate your strengths, a complete update/optimization of your LinkedIn profile, a custom-made strengths sketch to hang at your desk, and much more!  


Entrepreneurs will love this package because they will:

  • Come to see yourself in a new light by understanding how your talents set you apart from the competition and can be amazing tools to propel your business ahead.
  • Walk away with a new and optimized LinkedIn profile giving you effective language when networking and to develop other communications to attract your ideal clients
  • Understand how activating your strengths can help you navigate communication with your difficult and challenging clients AND more easily relate to existing and prospective clients without feeling you are unauthentic or fake.
  • Get more clear about how your talents can be harnessed so you can feel more engaged at work to crush your to-do list and find ways to work smarter – not harder.



Discover, Activate & Put Your Strengths to Work: Reinvest in Your Career to Find Fulfillment



About this package: This package is for you if you are drained by your job and feel stuck in your career. Through a 4-month coaching engagement, you will come to devise and pursue a plan that leaves you feeling more energized and fulfilled by your job whether you decide to stay or leave. This package includes career coaching to help you land your next position.


Anyone will love this program because it will help you:

  • Gain far more confidence than you’ve ever had before by truly understanding your core talents and how you add value.
  • Reinvest in your career so that you have a long-term plan that will take you from work that drains you to work that fulFILLs you.
  • Transform how you deal with difficult and challenging colleagues because you lean on your strengths and communicate in a way without feeling unauthentic or fake.
  • Learn how to minimize your weaknesses and devise ways to remove roadblocks that prevent you from putting your strengths to work.
  • Put into practice how activating your strengths can help you feel more engaged at work.
  • Devise and pursue a plan that helps you secure roles that allow you to shine.
  • Devise a strategy to advance your career (whether you stay where you are or move to a new position) by profiling and leaning on your strengths.
  • Walk away at the end of our work together with a clear next steps that will help you take your career to your ideal place.

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