Creating your Brilliant and Confident Path Forward

For Entrepreneurs and Professionals:

Creating your Brilliant and Confident Path Forward

You are a high-achiever and on-the-go from dawn until dusk.  You get more things done than two people combined.  While you sit on conference calls, you can get two other tasks done simultaneously.  You work late into the evenings to get through your to-do list.   You even try to squeeze in a little self-care but know it is far from what you really need.  And above all, you are your biggest critic.

You work hard but feel uninspired and uncertain

You are an entrepreneur or a professional who has no problem working hard but feel a lack of zing in your day to day.  Work no longer inspires you.  More often than not, work drains you.  You wonder, “Have I already reached the peak of my career?”


  • You’re an entrepreneur and want that to grow your business but you aren’t feeling invigorated the way you once did.  At the moment, you are pursuing the fake-it-until-you-make-it strategy.   While you are fiercely committed to your business success, you don’t feel confident this path will keep you energized and successful.




  • You’re a career professional who no longer feels challenged by the day to day. It’s not the right time to leave your job but you wonder if there is a way to stay and make your job more stimulating.  Whatever option does exist, your lack of confidence seems to keep you from putting yourself out there.

Supremely confident isn’t how you’d describe yourself

On the outside, you exude confidence to everyone that all is well with work. But on the inside, you are unsettled.   


You wonder more and more whether all of your hard work is taking you where you eventually want to go.  You worry that you’ll wake in two years or five years and realize you are still feeling the same way you do now – like you are treading water.


Being unsettled isn’t just uncomfortable, it leaves you spinning your wheels.  You find yourself ruminating about the 10 different alternatives to advance your career or your business. You google and research different options.  You find yourself in the self-help book section in hopes the answer will emerge.  Or you throw yourself into new projects (dare we say e-courses?) looking for the latest whiz-bang plan that you hope will allow a brilliant path to emerge.


Some days, you wonder if you should just hang up your dreams and realize you can’t go much further. But you know deep down that isn’t who you are.  You are ambitious.  You want to feel inspired by your career.  

Yes, you can wake up and be excited about your workday

You want to feel inspired and excited about your career.  You envision yourself feeling self-assured that you have clarified a path forward.


The nagging uncertainty about what next steps you ought to take disappears.  You stop spinning your wheels and wasting time and move forward with purpose.  


Finally, you have identified an action plan and next steps.  You are ready to tackle this new path and are relieved you are no longer pursuing a new plan every few months.  


And as you move ahead, you feel confident.  We’re talking about confidence that leaves you focused and purposeful.  You are secure in your decisions and stop second guessing yourself.  Your inner critic doesn’t constantly take over.  


And now you have renewed energy to reinvest in your career and business because you are genuinely excited about your plan.

There isn’t any better time to tackle this problem.

You’ve been reluctant to face this problem.  You worry you will spin your wheels in yet another “process” that leads to nothing.  You also feel you don’t need to add another thing to your plate.  You wonder whether starting another process will even help you.


You know deep down you need some sort of change – a shift – that will allow you to properly invest in your livelihood and feel motivated again.


But that little voice deep down is calling you to finally deal with your doubt.

Take the time to feel clear, inspired, and confident about your business

You know you need a little help.   You know that nagging feeling won’t go away unless you take some time to wrestle with what you see as big conundrum.  What you do with your work is a big part of where you are taking your life.


I am a certified life coach who works with busy high achievers who feel bored or uninspired by their career or business.  They want to feel motivated by work again and get the confidence they need for success but uncertain what to do next. I help my clients develop a plan to reinvest in their career or business by identifying action steps and a realistic plan so they can feel inspired, clear, and confident.

Make an investment in yourself starting now


As a result of the Creating your Brilliant and Confident Path Forward

program, you will:


  1. Uncover and discover awesome but practical ways to feel more inspired and excited by work again.  You may be surprised by what you find.  And this won’t mean taking a step back from work and losing progress!   You will find ways to make even better progress at work by tapping into your strengths and gifts.
  2. Create a concrete plan that motivates you to work again.  This plan will outline the specific action steps so you can stop spinning your wheels looking at alternatives.   With a clear path, you can finally invest time in what matters to you most.
  3. Build a real foundation of confidence that will help you build your career or business.  You will understand and start using proven tools  to invest in your confidence – the type that leaders use every day to take their career or their business to the next level.
  4. Make specific progress on your biggest problems even while you are in the coaching program!  While in this program, you will start to make the day-the-day changes you need so you can start to invest in what really matters to you.  This program will be tailored around you and your needs.  You will walk away with a crafted made-for-you solution that fits your situation, your goals, and your personality.


This package is packed with value


When you complete the coaching package, you will have more of a complete plan that puts you on the right track.  You’ll know how to plan your days to feel invigorated and motivated.  You’ll have a plan that will help you understand how you’ll move from where you are now to a new level in your career or business.  You’ll have the confidence you want and need to put all of it into practice.


The Carving Your Clear and Confident Path package includes:


Getting clear on what you really want and why

Discover and Uncover Assessment

To start the process, you will complete a detailed lay-of-the-land questionnaire.  You will dig into your personal challenges that are keeping you from feeling inspired and motivated at work.  You will reflect on where you would like to take your career or business.  Through this assessment, you will gain some clarity about what’s really important to you, what has stopped you from addressing this problem in the past.


(Re)discover what inspires you

Questionnaire and Strengths Surveys

Through coaching and assessment, you will come to tap into what truly brings you energy based on your strengths, gifts, and assets.  You will take two independents assessments (including the Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0).  We will also dedicate one coaching session to take all of this data and unearth what brings you excitement and motivation and how that could be manifested into your work life today.  


Making the day-to-day shifts you need to charge ahead

Homework & In-between sessions

After each coaching session, you will walk away with easy-to-adopt homework that you will implement between our coaching calls.  This “homework” is crafted just for you after we’ve looked at your schedule and what is realistic.  Your action steps can be easily integrated into your life and start to make a difference in how you feel.  And between each session, you can reach out to me up to three times for feedback or just to bounce of your ideas.


Getting clear about your chosen path forward

Put together a next-steps action plan

Through coaching sessions with me, you will take a deeper dive where we get to the heart of matters.  In each session, we will work through some of the tough issues you struggle with. We’ll figure out what works and doesn’t work for you so that we can identify a clear path forward designed just for you.


Making a real different in your life

Putting your plan into action

Finally, you’ll walk away from the program with a workbook that captures our coaching sessions, action steps, and a way to track your progress.   This workbook will outline your concrete plan to move ahead and ways to maintain and build on the progress you’ve made thus far.  We will walk away feeling refreshed, excited, and ready to take on the world (again)


Note:  The full package must be implemented within 16 weeks.  You must set up at least one appointment every 4 weeks to stay in the program.


Price: $539 over 4 months (This is only $134 per month – equivalent to the price of a daily latte at Starbucks over the course of the program!)


Payment plan:  Pay $300 up front to sign up for the program and then an additional $239 halfway through the program.


NOTE:  If you are looking for general coaching services apart from this package, please contact me at

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation with me. During this 30-minute consultation, I can answer questions you have and I can learn more about you and what you want to accomplish.

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Step 3: Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prepwork and instructions for booking your first session.

Step 4: Book your session! I will provide you with instructions on how to book your first session in an email.

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