You don’t have to feel lost in all of the options.

Are you finding yourself feeling stuck?  You have a load of options in front of you about where to take your career and life.  It’s overwhelming.  In fact, there are so many (too many) pathways, you are paralyzed. Where do you start?

I get that completely.  Because I have been there.  And yes, I am here to tell you can get clear on how to aim your career and your life.   And you can be inspired by what you aim for.   AND, you can take action to create what you want.

I won’t tell you working with a coach changes your life over night.  But by working with me, you can find a path forward.

The people I work with walk away feeling more clear and inspired by the path they have chosen.  They have a plan to move forward — one they feel good about. And they begin with taking action.

I help you develop a realistic plan for change that excites you but also doesn’t compromise away some of your basic goals.

My clients find clarity about how to create a happy career and a happy life.  They create a plan make that life happen and take meaningful steps to start creating it while we are coaching.

Career Help

I help busy professionals find job satisfaction by investing in their strengths.


I help small business owners re-energize and propel their business forward by leaning into their superpowers.

Life Design

I help people find what’s missing so they can design and pursue a more ideal life.


Are you reach to stop feeling stuck?   Are you ready to get clear on how to aim your career and your life?  Stop letting another year pass by without change.

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