Career Shift: The COMPLETE package for your job hunt

Career Shift: 

The COMPLETE package for your job hunt

You don’t exactly love your job. You feel frustrated and disillusioned wondering whether you should stay or leave. You are drained by your day to day tasks, aren’t challenged enough, and know there is something else better out there.

You’ve looking for a change but you’re frustrated because the job market feels both limiting and overwhelming at the same time.  You feel stuck and increasingly worried that finding better employment just isn’t possible.

While you know you are a hard worker and have a lot to offer, you don’t have a lot of confidence in presenting yourself as an outstanding candidate.  It seems you aren’t able to find a way to explain the real value you offer to a prospective employer.  And you’re worried your resume doesn’t really explain what an awesome candidate you are.

This does not even mention how much you despise the job search process!  Getting the energy up to update your resume and network is like lugging a barbell around by your neck. Any “searching” for work you’ve done so far has been surfing job sites from behind a computer. When you hear the word “networking” you want to run far far away.  Everyone else seems to have more connections than you do.  

You feel stuck. You can’t stay. But you can’t (seem to) move forward.

But what if there was a way to get unstuck?

Imagine a job hunt that gives you a solid chance at securing the kind of work you crave.  


You’re able to target work that isn’t just a “match” with your skills and background but actually excites you.   


You are able to position yourself as a top candidate because you have finally found a way to explain the value you offer.


You focus on positions that actually connect you and your strengths to an employer who needs and wants your help.


You have a smashing resume you would be excited to share with others.  It finally explains more than just your experience and illustrates the enormous value you bring.


You know how to confidently outline your best qualities to prospective employers, and know that you will stand out as an extraordinary candidate.


You are able navigate through the noise of the job market and hone in on those positions which are the best match for you.    Your job search strategy utilizes proven tools to unearth real job opportunities.   


You have a plan that helps you take the steps you need to move to that ideal career.


You are not stuck.  You are empowered.  You feel confident.  You have a more than solid chance at landing work you love.


Help is here.

I am a certified life coach who works with busy high achievers who feel bored or uninspired by their career or business.

They want to feel motivated by work again and get the confidence they need for success but uncertain what to do next.

I help my clients develop a plan to reinvest in their career or business by identifying action steps and a realistic plan so they can feel inspired, clear, and confident.

As a result of the COMPLETE package for your job hunt, you will:


      • Walk away with a plan geared to help you secure your ideal career.
      • Have a clear career direction not just based on your skills but by what you want to do and what fits your life
      • Sharpen your career toolkit including your resume and cover letter to reflect your best strengths, highest quality skills, and what makes you stand out among other professionals.
      • Know how to deploy an effective networking strategy as a powerful tool to unearth career opportunities (especially one’s that aren’t publicized) and connect to people with closer access to positions you want.
      • Gain more confidence about what you bring to a prospective employer and feel stronger in your job search process.  You will come to understand yourself as a strong candidate and be able to communicate and set yourself apart from others.

This coaching package has four components:


Presenting yourself as the outstanding candidate

Questionnaire and Strengths Assessments

Through a questionnaire and personal career coaching with me, you will come to know, clarify, and communicate your career strengths. Specifically, you will take two independents assessments (including the Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0) as well as a detailed questionnaire that I designed. We will dedicate 1 coaching session to take all of this data and unearth your signature strengths to be integrated into your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.


Sharpening your career search tools

Full update of resume and cover letter

You will hone in on your career toolkit and receive a complete update of your resume and a cover letter featuring your strengths, values, and unique proposition. You will walk away with communication tools that sets you apart as an outstanding candidate.


Defining and launching your networking strategy

Put together a networking plan

Through our work together you will learn how to take your existing contacts (e.g., people you know and who know and like you!) and then build a larger network of people who can support you to find work. You will receive access to backgrounders and worksheets I have developed specifically for my clients. We’ll dedicate a special coaching session just on how to tap into your network so you can find work you love.


Focus your career vision, build confidence, and deploy job search strategy

Private Coaching Sessions

Over the course of the three private coaching sessions, we will work to help you create your career vision, build more confidence in yourself as a strong candidate, and craft a specific job search strategy. By the end of our work together, I will help you craft an effective career search plan that is designed around you and your needs. You will learn how to focus your time and execute a strategy that doesn’t have you wasting precious time.


Equipping you to take charge of your job search

When you complete the coaching package you will have more of a complete plan to put you on the right track. You’ll have the career tools that truly reflect you in the most positive light and the know how to find the opportunities that truly excite you. Above all, you’ll have the confidence to take everything you’ve learned into the weeks ahead.


Note: The full package will be implemented over 16 weeks with coaching sessions every 2-3 weeks. You must set up at least one appointment for every 4 weeks you are in the program

Let’s get started.

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here is how to get started.

Cost Of Package: $949

(includes complete resume & cover letter update, 4 coaching sessions, factsheets, next steps guide, & two strength assessments)

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation with me. During this 30-minute consultation, I can answer questions you have and I can learn more about you and what you want to accomplish.

Step 2: Sign up for the program! Make your first payment of $450 by clicking here. You will then be invoiced for the remaining cost in two easy payments of $249.50)

Step 3: Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prepwork and instructions for booking your first session.

Step 4: Book your session! I will provide you with instructions on how to book your first session in an email.

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