Career Help

Career Help

I help busy professionals invest in their strengths to find career satisfaction.

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Right now, your career doesn’t inspire or fulfill you.

Your day to day job no longer brings you energy.  You don’t look forward to new projects with the anticipation you once did.  You aren’t motivated by opportunities. You might even be burnt out.

One of the things that really bothers you is that you’ve always been a high-achiever and committed to succeed.  Not being driven by your work doesn’t feel right at all.

Fundamentally, you know your true talents aren’t being put work.  You deliver the obligations of your workplan, but you aren’t given the opportunity to shine.  Moreover, your contributions aren’t recognized.

You keep wondering if you are just in the wrong role.

The problem is you aren’t near retirement.  You’ve got another 10 or 20 years left to work. But you know you can’t keep doing what you have been doing either.

Something has to change.

Change is Possible

Imagine waking up and being excited about your job.  You walk into work feeling excited about the projects you are working on.  What’s more, the work you are doing profiles what you do best.

You feel purpose.  As you dig into your workplan, you have specific opportunities where you can shine.  

You feel motivated again. And now you have renewed energy for your family and friends – your life outside work.

Invest In Your Career

I provide coaching that helps you unearth, understand, and invest your  talents so you can design the next chapter of your career to feel more energized.  

By working with me, you will consider how to build on your strengths to identify roles that will fulfill.

I work with people who are looking to change their role whether they stage in their current position or choose to move elsewhere.

As part of what I do, I help people build and implement a career strategy including unearthing job opportunities that help them exercise their strengths.

Finding work that brings you energy and fulfillment requires a focused and effective plan.

That is where coaching comes in.

Time for You Coaching will provide a guided and structured approach so you can intentionally dive into thinking about your next steps.

“What I liked best about working with Danielle was how the coaching resonated on a personal level.  I appreciated the focus on identifying my strengths versus focusing on fixing weaknesses.  As a result of our work together, I have found a new job opportunity and have more confidence in my strengths and personal value proposition as it relates to the work I do.”

Eric Hicks, career professional

“When I first reached out to Danielle, I wondered if it would even be possible to achieve the career clarity I was seeking.  But after working with Danielle, I have focused in on my strengths and identified several careers that might help me better exercise them. I have a better understanding of the process I might follow to move into a new career, and have gained valuable perspective on what it realistically might entail.  I liked Danielle’s positivity and encouragement and especially her lack of judgment. I would absolutely recommend Danielle to others like me who are mid-career and wondering if they are ready for a career change.”


Career Coaching Packages

PACKAGE:  Discover Your Strengths  

About this package:  This is a bite-sized package includes private coaching sessions, the Gallup Strengthfinder assessment, a custom-made strengths sketch to hang at work, personalized videos, and concrete next steps.

As a result of the Discover Your Strengths: Work Smarter – Not Harder program you will:

  • Gain far more confidence than you’ve ever had before by truly understanding your core talents.
  • Understand how activating your strengths can help you work smarter – not harder – creating more energy and saving you time.

PACKAGE:  Discover, Activate, and PROFILE Your Superpowers 

About this package:  You will receive a complete Gallup Clifton Strengthfinder assessment, private coaching sessions, a complete update/optimization of your LinkedIn profile, a custom-made strengths sketch to hang at your desk, and much more!  

PACKAGE:  Reinvest and pivot your career to find fulfillment

About this package: This package is for you if you are drained by your job and feel stuck in your career. Through a 6-month coaching engagement, you will come to devise and pursue a plan that leaves you feeling more energized and fulfilled by your job whether you decide to stay or leave. 

  • Gain far more confidence than you’ve ever had before by truly understanding your core talents and how you add value.
  • Reinvest in your career so that you have a long-term plan that will take you from work that drains you to work that fulFILLs you.
  • Transform how you deal with difficult and challenging colleagues because you lean on your strengths and communicate in a way without feeling unauthentic or fake.
  • Learn how to minimize your weaknesses and devise ways to remove roadblocks that prevent you from putting your strengths to work.
  • Put into practice how activating your strengths can help you feel more engaged at work.
  • Devise and pursue a plan that helps you secure roles that allow you to shine.
  • Devise a strategy to advance your career (whether you stay where you are or move to a new position) by profiling and leaning on your strengths.
  • Walk away at the end of our work together with a clear next steps that will help you take your career to your ideal place.

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