About You

About You

You are a high achiever.  Very likely, you are very busy.  You get a lot done.  Your calendar is blocked from before dusk to after dawn. You can multi-task with the best.  You are known for accomplishing tons in a single day.  

But more often than not, you are drained. Too often you find yourself going through the motions.  You feel stressed and restless.  Work no longer energizes you.  You aren’t looking forward to the future.  You want to be excited about work.  You want to feel engaged in your life again.

You set high expectations for yourself.  At this point in your career and in your life, you want to feel a stronger sense of direction.  You have already achieved a lot but seem to have hit a ceiling.  You no longer feel you are reaching for your highest and best potential.  And success is no longer just about making money or climbing a ladder. You want success but in a way that connects with your values and success as you define it.  And yet, you aren’t feeling very confident about reaching your potential at least not like you once did.  You’d like to be further in your career and feeling more balanced in your life.  Everyone else thinks you are self-assured but inside you are far from confident.

You want to carve a different path

You worry whether you are on the right career path.  And some of this is spilling into less certainty about your life path.  A part of you knows you aren’t engaged at work and can’t imagine yourself continuing in this same role without a change – maybe a major change.  Another part of you knows there is something bigger out there for you but you don’t know what yet.  You know you have a lot to offer.  And right now, the path you are on doesn’t seem to be helping you reach your own best potential.  Could this mean making significant shifts in your current job?  Or does it mean career change?  Or does it something making even more changes at your life?  

You want a plan to figure it out.

You’re unsettled about feeling unsettled.  You know something needs to change but you aren’t sure what yet.  So you want to create a concrete plan.  But first, you need to figure out a direction.  Right now, it’s not clear how to get clear on the future. You want to take some time to reflect on the best path forward so you can set yourself up for success.  

You’d like to take more risks and bold steps, if only you felt more self-assured.  

It’s time to design your next life chapter…

Do you know deep down that you haven’t reached all of your highest and best potential?

Do you know there is something else out there for you?

 Do you feel like something is missing?

Do you want more in your life that lights you up?

Are you looking to feel more fulfilled?

It’s time for a change.

Part of you thinks, “This is just the way things are and nothing can be done about it.”

And yet, you know full well that taking the time to lay the groundwork for the future will require some investment on your part.

You know that making the kind of changes you are thinking about will require some investment.  You aren’t afraid of hard work.  But it’s not exactly clear how you can unfold this path. 

You might be thinking it is time for a change – but what sort of change?  Is it about changing you or changing the world around you?  Is it about a new career or changing the career you are in?  You aren’t sure but know it it is time to dive in.

Whatever the change is, you are more than ready to dive in.  You are tired of looking at the future and feeling uninspired.  You cringe at the thought you’ll be doing this three years from today or even one year from day.  You know that to make the sort of changes you are thinking about it is time to make a concerted investment.

I work with high achievers – both men and women – who want to feel inspired by their career and reach their highest potential.   I love helping people aim toward their life purpose by unearthing their strengths and unleashing their superpowers for success.  My superpower is helping people set the course for that next life  chapter – whether their career or life – or both.  Want to explore how I can help? 

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