About You

About You

You are really busy. I’m talking busy where your feet barely touch the ground. Your calendar is blocked from before busk to after dawn. You can multi-task with the best. You are a high-achiever. You are known for accomplishing tons in a single day.  

But you are drained. Too often you find yourself going through the motions.  You feel stressed and restless. You set high expectations for yourself and happen to be a spectacular self-critic. Everyone else thinks you are self-assured but inside you are far from confident.

Meanwhile, you give generously of yourself to others sometimes to a point  of putting the needs of others before your own.  

But now you are looking to enjoy life more

You wish you could just sit back and enjoy a little more in the here and now. And live a little bit less in the past and the future.  You want to pause and truly soak in those moments with those you cherish most.

You want to feel more confident.

You wish you could feel more self-assured in the workplace, leaving others wondering where you got your swagger. Or maybe you want to feel more confident about decisions you already made to create a new path in your life. You might even be “faking it to make it” but that is only getting you so far.

You’d like to take more risks and bold steps, if only you felt more self-assured.  

Something is missing…

Do you know deep down there is something else out there for you?

Do you want more time to focus on things that light you up?

Are you looking to feel more fulfilled?

Are you yearning for something that lights you up and set your soul on fire?

It feels like it is time for a change.

Part of you thinks, “This is just the way things are and nothing can be done about it.”

Except there is another part of you that wonders whether you could make some changes to help you enjoy life more.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your life. Maybe you’re facing the big 4-0 – or even the big 5-0 (that’s me!) – and are ready to enjoy your life more.   Maybe you have invested a decade or more into work, feel like you aren’t moving forward, but not sure what it means to take the next step.  

You might be thinking it is time for a change – but what sort of change?  Is it about changing you or changing the world around you?  Is it about a new career or changing the career you are in?  You aren’t sure but know it it is time to dive in.

You know that renewed self-confidence plus a dose of inspiration could help transform you. Maybe that would help you reach some audacious goals like writing that book, exploring a new business, taking your “dream” class, or taking steps to help you explore the next chapter in your career. Or maybe it’s about exploring some personal goals where you finally make time for a new passion.

I love working with people to help them make these kinds of changes that help them feel more satisfied and inspired. I like to think I help people design the next life chapter of their lives!

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