About Me

About Me

I am a certified life and career coach.  I work with busy high achievers – both men and women – who want their work and be driven by purpose and inspiration.  The one thing they know is they are tired by the daily grind and drained by their day-to-day work.  They know its time for a change and they are ready to take the next step and design and pursue their next career chapter.

I help my clients identify action steps and a realistic plan to create a clear and confident path forward that excites them about their future.

My Story

I am deeply familiar with running on the hamster wheel and feeling adrift in my career.  For most of my 20s and 30s, I threw myself into my job, working long hours. I put lots of pressure on myself to show everyone I was smart and successful at my job.  I became a nonprofit leader at a fairly young age and was driven by proving myself. Most people would have described me as a workaholic.

About five years ago, and after about 20 years in the nonprofit sector, I realized I was driven and ambitious but less fulfilled by work.  A part of me felt empty.

Around that time, I decided to focus on having a family and welcomed my daughter Eleanor into my life.  I thought that having a child would fill what was missing in my life.  She did fill a wonderful space in my heart and I found I love being a mom.  But something was still missing.  That something I eventually learned was connected to my life purpose.

Deciding to change starting with me

I will never forget the day I knew I need to make a major change.  I was on vacation with my family in a beautiful place, but I felt miserable.  I couldn’t relax and BE on vacation. My head was at work. My daughter and my husband were enjoying the beach, but I couldn’t.  I was ruminating about how things just weren’t right, and I couldn’t let these thoughts go.   I was so angry with myself that I couldn’t just be happy.

That is when I decided something had to change.  I had to face the fact that I needed to take responsibility for my own happiness.  I needed to stop blaming my circumstances and take charge of my life.

Being the Type A personality I am, I threw myself into figuring ME out.   I explored what made me tick.  I volunteered.  I talked with people.   I also decided to make a commitment to mindfulness (which is not just meditation!) so I could learn how to be present in the life I was in.  I learned about how to feel more energized and excited about work.  I read tons of books and blogs. I explored spirituality. I experimented with different types of self-care.  Eventually, I decided to take a course in coaching.  And over time, I learned about getting focused on designing my life and getting productive where it mattered.

I also cut out a lot of things that were draining me or wasting my time.  I focused less on relationships that didn’t serve me.  I stopped investing time in trying to prove myself to others.  I worked less.

I’ll be honest.  I had no idea where this path would take me.  I knew I had to learn a lot about me.  But because I invested my time and energy, I learned a LOT about designing my life to meet success as I defined it.  I learned about making hard decisions.   I learned tools to move from stuck to unstuck.  Above all, I learned about how to take responsibility for my career and my happiness.  It was a sea of positive change I never thought could happen.

And now I want to share what I have learned with others.

Building on 25 years of experience and training

My passion today is helping people take steps to create, design, and pursue their ideal career.  Whether its reinvesting in your existing career or planning your career over the long term, I can help you tackle some of their biggest challenges whether in work or in life.  I am trained lawyer and a certified life coach trained with the Martha Beck Institute.

My coaching practice builds on 25+ years of work with professionals and small organizations as well as my experience as a leader and an executive in the not-for-profit sector.  I am a trained Martha Beck coach as well as a Gallup trained coach focusing on helping people unearth and use their strengths.  I have worked with small organizations with less than 10 staff to large international organizations.  Along the way I founded two small organizations myself.

Today, I work with my clients – both men and women – who are ready to figure out what’s missing in their career so they can find purpose and passion again.   My clients have been in the workplace for between 15-30 years and want their  next chapter for work and life to feel inspiring.   

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