Between ‘Life On Hold’ and ‘Life Like It Was’

Between ‘Life On Hold’ and ‘Life Like It Was’

We’re throwing around the word ‘normal’ a lot these days.

“When will it be normal again?”

“How’s your new normal doing?”

“It’s hard to say when it’s going to be normal again.”

Right now, there is so much uncertainty in our world.

We don’t know when the economy will pick back up.

We don’t know how schools will be this fall.

We don’t know how long this remote work situation will continue.

We don’t know when they will finally find a vaccine.

We don’t know when life will feel ‘normal’ again.

My video message to you!

My uncertainty

My daughter has just moved to a new state with no friends and no way to make new friends

My clients face challenges to move ahead with their goals…creating their dreams.

My summer is now looking more and more like the last few months living at home with my family 24/7

My plan to get to know new friends and neighbors in my new home is ‘on hold.’

My progress on my goals have slowed considerably.

What about you?

You might be struggling to get through your day managing work and home schooling.

You might be trying to figure out how to navigate your work-from-home remote work situation.

You might be wondering when you will ever connect with friends again.

You might be wondering when you can hit ‘unpause’ on things you wanted to do this year.

You might be wondering if all life is right now is surviving.

It’s true. Nothing feels normal right now.  Not only that, we have no idea when or how life will be like it was again.  

We want to figure out our ‘new normal’ whatever that is even if its temporary.  

There is a way to live again.  It’s not the same way we were.  It’s not lock down either.  It’s sort of ‘in between’.

Life doesn’t have to totally on hold

Our brains are saying life isn’t normal.  Our brains are saying life is ‘on pause.’  

But guess what.  Life isn’t on pause.  It’s here.  It’s happening. It’s now.  

Life never really stopped.  But our interaction with life sure did.

In truth, you have a choice – a new one every day – on the proverbial blank sheet.

Choice is found in how you show up to each new day.

Before, you had tremendous choice on how to allocate that time.  Now, your choices are more limited.  But even as your choices have been more limited, what choices are in front of you now? 

There are more choices than you might think.

For those juggling homeschooling & working (and heavily in a ‘survival’ mode), your choices might be:

  • Creating conditions to get enough sleep
  • Creating a clear schedule so your day goes more smoothly
  • Setting boundaries so you have quiet time alone (no kids or work!)
  • Talking a walk by yourself with your favorite podcast

If you’re feeling isolated and lonely, your choices might be:

  • Creating greater connections to friends or family even by zoom or a socially distanced visit
  • Planning online get together’s with friends
  • Creating meaningful connections with people you can see

If you’re looking for some inspiration or energy, your choices might be:

  • Setting aside time in the evenings to read a book
  • Schedule an online concert or a fun online event
  • Create space to watch a movie or a book you’ve wanted to read
  • Setting aside time to do some yoga or running or meditation
  • Doing a scenic drive to a beautiful place that gets you away

If you’re feeling lost and needing a sense of purpose, your choices might be:

  • Tackle a new hobby or take an online class 
  • Research your family tree
  • Organize a space in your house to be a welcome spot to retreat

These are just some of the choices you can make.  

Our brains are saying, “I can no longer do __________” 

Turn that around.  What CAN you do?   

You’ll find that feeling of choice allows you to live your life again to meet your needs.

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