Mantras for Dealing with Stress, Overwhelm, & Anxiety During the Coronvirus Pandemic

Mantras for Dealing with Stress, Overwhelm, & Anxiety During the Coronvirus Pandemic

Everyone in this country and across the world is settling into a totally new reality.  This reality changes how we work, how we live, how we relate, and how we look at this world.  It is no wonder that our minds are struggling to look for how to manage through this.  

You are not alone.    If you are trying to ‘hold it together’ then know there are literally millions – even billions – of us who are trying to hold it together.   We are all looking at the news, shaking our heads, and wondering how to deal with what is an unfolding global crisis.  

And the one big question I’ve heard from clients (and thoughts I’ve had myself) is:  How can I do this?

  • How is it possible to have a productive work day from home with kids home?
  • How can I deal with the stress of losing income?
  • How can I manage my anxiety and fear about what this pandemic means for me and my family?
  • How can I possibly manage living at home 24 hours a day?
  • How long can I get by without meaningful social connection?
  • How can I plan or do much of anything if I don’t know the future?

Behind these questions are nagging and painful thoughts like:  “I can’t manage this” or and “Things are getting worse.”

Those are really painful thoughts.  I’ve had those thoughts too.  But I know to question those thoughts. It’s critically important double check the truth of what our minds are telling us. Humans have a negativity bias and it’s very typical for our brains to serve up thoughts of fear and anxiety.  

The antidote? Very simply, we want to turn our minds to helpful thoughts. Thoughts that are also true and create a mindset of feeling hopeful, happy, grateful, and accepting. Helpful thoughts can also be considered mantras.

Watch my short video with my Top 3 Mantras

Here in this VIDEO I share with you my top three mantras.

Here are my mantras for getting through this global crisis:

  • Mantra #1:  I only need to worry about today. There is so much power in one-day-at-a-time.  Focus on each day as it comes letting go of the need to plan out weeks and months in advance.  The one thing we have always known is that nothing ever stay the same.  
  • Mantra #2:  It’s ok to feel not ok: With all that is going on, you don’t need to hold it all together.  You’ll have feelings of fear, anxiety, overwhelm and that is totally normal. It is ok to melt down, vent, and be vulnerable.
  • Mantra #3:  I will focus on what I have. There is a lot to be grateful for even when the world is going haywire. Notice what you do have in your life and give thanks. Look for those tiny moments of joy in your day to day where you can laugh or smile.  
  • My mantra #4:  Be patient with myself and others. I am doing all I can and others are doing what they can too. Now is a perfect time to adjust my expectations for what I expect from myself and others.
  • My mantra #5:  The news can wait. Checking our phones every hour helps no one. The more I learn, the worse I feel. I want to be connected but it helps no one to be completely on top of every development for every hour.
  • My mantra #6:  Some things won’t work right now and that is ok. Practice letting go.   What I set out for myself – my goals and my plans – have changed. It is time to pivot to a new plan.
  • My mantra #7:  I can be of service. We are all in this together. There are opportunities to help and serve others. You can make a call to a friend. Drop a meal off for someone who needs one. The world needs all of our love and support.  I will continue to look for ways I can help.  

What is your COVID-19 story?  What are the painful thoughts your brain is serving up?  How are you coping?  And what is your mantra for doing it differently.

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