Work + Passion = Success: 21 ways to love your business again

Work + Passion = Success: 21 ways to love your business again

Feeling in a rut about your business?  Not feeling particularly motivated to keeping growing your business and know that is a recipe for disaster?   If so, you will want to rekindle that flame to feel motivated and inspired again.  Remember, feeling uninterested or unenthusiastic by your business isn’t unusual.  But getting a plan to infuse energy takes a little focus and energy on your part.  These 21 ideas are some of the best of best strategies I could find for how to love and feel passion for your business again.

Being in a rut isn’t unusual

Remember when you started your business, you were so excited to get started?  You felt alive.  You felt inspired.  You were creative.  You felt like you could take on the world.  But now, your days feel automated.  You aren’t excited about digging into work. You focus more on how you aren’t meeting your goals.  You are in a rut.  You think a lot about how you thought you’d be further ahead than what you have done.

You want to feel inspired again.  You know you need the energy you had when you started your business to keep going – keep building.  You want an infusion of energy so you can enjoy your days again.

Take action to rekindle that passion for your business

Don’t feel you need to give up. Everyone who runs a business get into a rut.  Like any relationship, you have to make an investment to keep that flame  going.  But getting out of the rut won’t just happen with a little work at your end. Think about your relationship with your business much like a romantic relationship.  Sometimes, the spark that was there in the beginning of this relationship needs to be rekindled.  But unless you put in a little effort, you won’t turned things around.

Here are some proven ways to reinvest, feel passion, and love your business again.

Remember and invest in what works about your business

Re-connect with why you started your business: Take time to ask yourself these questions: What did you fall in the love in the first place? Was it helping people?  Was it the ability to be creative?  Was it about having a flexible schedule?  Was it about being your own boss?  All of the above?  Remembering your why helps you reconnect to the core of what you do.

Do more of what you like to do. I’m guessing that your to-do list that might leave you feeling overwhelmed and maybe a little blah. Why not do more of what you love?  Every day, build something into your schedule that is about running your business that you enjoy.  Do you enjoy connecting with people?  Schedule it.  Do you enjoy the creative part of your business?  Schedule it.  When you do more of what you like to do, you will feel energized.

Exercise your signature strengths. Happiness researchers have shown that when you use your strengths that you will love your work again. Are you particularly good at networking? Do people talk about your gift of speaking?  Do you have unique technical skills?  Some people call it a signature strength.  I call it a superpower strength.  Whatever you call it, using your strengths allow you to shine not just to others but to yourself. Figure out your gifts and then start to use them more.  To learn more about your strengths, read this.

Think again about what success means to you – If you are spending your time focused on profit and loss statements, take a step back. Chances are you started this work with both income and something else in mind.  What is that something else?  Getting clear on what success means will help you focus and direct your day to day.  Not defining success at all can mean missing the opportunity to live life more on your terms.  Ask yourself these questions to define what success means for you.

Remind yourself what works well. Chances are pretty good that you focus on what isn’t going well with your business. Do you often think about how you aren’t meeting certain goals? Or how you might further behind than you want? When you focus on the negative, you will feel worse. Cultivate gratitude for your business by taking a moment to remember and celebrate what your business brings to you.

Find the best way to motivate yourself

Set action milestones. Do you have regular action-based milestones for your business on a weekly and monthly basis? I’m not talking about income milestones which you don’t always have control over. I’m talking about actions that you can measure and implement how you are taking action every week.  Identify those measures, take action, and measure progress.

Learn something new – It’s important to look for ways to keep learning. As soon as you start doing what you already know, you will start to get bored. Add a new skill to your mix. Dive into a topic that scare you.

Take on a new challenge. Have you gotten too comfortable with your relationship? Are your days becoming too routine? If you find yourself going through the motions, you may be ready to take on a new challenge with your business.  Consider throwing something new into the mix.  Do you want to start speaking more?  Create a blog? Create a new service or product?  Investigate to see whether you feel some renewed motivation.

Be creative. Look for ways to be more creative. A lot of what happens when you are building a business is the idea of being creative.  When you love creativity, it can feel like your are stalled.  Creativity can happen with communications and marketing materials or even just with delivering your product.  Think out-of-the-box when it comes to bringing creativity to your business.

Fix your pain points. There are always frustrations with running your business. Do you have a client that you just don’t like working with?  Do you have administrative work that drags you down.  Confront these paint points with solutions.  Fire the difficult client (and focus on your ideal client).  Delegate your administrative work to others.  For projects you must do (but that you loathe) find a way to make working on that project less painful.

Stop your go-it-alone-mindset. Entrepreneurs often feel they must just turn to willpower to forge ahead. Willpower is good to a point.  Connect with a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs who may be facing similar challenges.  Consider joining a mastermind group.  Plan a coffee with someone who might be a few steps ahead of you in the business who can inspire you to push forward.

Refresh your desk. If your desk is piled high with papers, no wonder you don’t want to do work. Take an afternoon to clean up and refresh your desk so you can feel invited to work.  Buy a new lamp or plant to create the ambience for working.

Stop feeling behind. If you are walking around feeling as if you are not hitting your goals, then it’s time to revisit the trap of feeling behind. Ever heard that we over estimate what we can do in any given day or week but under estimate what we can do in a year or over 10 years? Focus more on what you have accomplished and be clear on take smaller next steps.

Cut out the trivial. Do you have a “little stuff” to do? Are these tasks nagging at you in a way that makes you feel as if you have too much busy work? Do you wonder if the little stuff might be over-taking your core business?   Design your days to focus your energy on the most-important-thing.

Re-fuel your fire to propel yourself ahead

Celebrate wins. Looking forward without looking back can be a huge source of your energy drain. Take the time at least quarterly (or monthly) to reflect on your accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back for moving your business ahead and remember what you are contributing not just in income but in helping people, delivering great services or products.

Build in mood-boosting movement into your daily schedule. If you are hunched over a computer for most of the day, it is no wonder you are feeling in a rut! Take the time to boost your energy, pump oxygen through your body, with a lunchtime stroll, a mini-yoga.  Better yet, schedule a walking meeting with a friend or fellow entrepreneur to share ideas.

Take breaks. Sometimes, digging in to your business is precisely what you should not do. If you are feeling burn out, the best thing to do is take a break. That could mean switching off your computer for a couple of hours or even for an entire weekend.  It could also mean taking a mini-vacation to clear your mind.  Clean breaks with ample time to refresh and reflect are important.  Breaks allow you to return back to work with more energy and a fresh perspective.  It will do you some good!

Develop a daily ritual. Do you roll out of bed, dive straight into work, and then go until you drop? There is something powerful about taking 10-15-30 minutes to center yourself either through reflection, exercise, or both.  A morning ritual (grab my free morning ritual guide here) including mediation or exercise or journaling or even just a quiet breakfast can help you create a calm and productive.  Or a wind-down ritual can help you just before bed to reflect and bring gratitude after a long day.

Take profit centered action. If you are feeling in a rut because you aren’t bringing in enough income, focus your energy on action. Focus on client-getting activities. Make a certain number of calls, publish a blog post, send out a newsletter, host an event. Set benchmarks and make progress.  Here you may need to dig into a little willpower but measuring yourself by action can be a motivator to move ahead.

Create space to reflect

Actively create opportunities to reflect. Entrepreneurs are fabulous because they are always moving forward! But if all you do is move, move, move, then you aren’t taking time to think about what has worked and what hasn’t.  Use reflection time to adjust and improve your circumstances.  Create space weekly to reflect asking yourself:  What went well?  What didn’t go as planned?  How can you adjust and make it work better for the next week?

There are a lot of ways to rekindle the passion for your business.  It’s not a matter of doing everything on this list but picking what works best for you.  Remember you know your business best.

Getting out of a rut means taking action to change the results. I’ll bet that a few things on this list appeal to you. Don’t just read the list – act on it.  Pick a handful of these and apply them.  You will move from feeling blah to ahhhhh.


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